Owning 1 bitcoin is like owning 17 pounds of gold

Bitcoin was intentionally designed to mimic the properties of gold and is often, correctly, compared to that asset.
So, I did the math and if you consider all of the reported gold in the world and divide by 21 million, you come up with 17 pounds. Meaning if you want to own the same percentage share of gold as one bitcoin represents it is that quantity.

If you managed to accumulate about 130 bitcoin, that’s the same percentage share as one metric ton of gold. (If bitcoin ever reached the market cap of gold, then 130 bitcoin would equal the value of one metric ton of gold; or about 45 million dollars).недвижимость в испании 2017Андрей Павелко детисливочный соус для пасты карбонараоаэ туры

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